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All India Mission

All India Mission

All India Mission’s founder N.J. Varughese received a vision in 1975. This vision was to spread God’s word to the suffering people in northeast India, and bring Christianity to India. Since then there have been successes, failures, riots, times of peace, and most importantly, a rise in Christianity in India. There have been many obstacles, but God always prevails, and has shown the gospel to thousands of newly converted Indians.

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In India, more than half the population has never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. With a population that has risen to more than 1.16 billion, approximately six hundred million people have never heard the name of Jesus, not even once in their lives.

All India Mission now has more than 600 native missionaries serving in remote areas where the gospel has never before been preached, and nearly all of them became believers and were trained under the ministry of AIM.

We have established over 350 churches in the villages and towns of Bihar,Jharkhand, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh. We supply bicycles and motorcycles to our native missionaries for the purpose of preaching the gospel and visiting the believers of their churches. All India Mission’s primary mission is to reach the unreached people groups with the gospel in India, and has seen and baptized tens of thousands who now call Christ Lord.