March 2021 


Given the current levels of infection, we are not currently gathering on Sundays. We will keep the situation under review.

However, we can still gather online, and all our Sunday services are broadcast at 10.30 am every Sunday to our Facebook page and  YouTube channel, so please do join us online! The video of the service will be available here on our website the following day.


If you need to contact the church office during office hours please ring this mobile number: 07502 670731. 

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Heavenly Light Show

Night sky

I find that looking up at the night sky helps me to see my own life in a bigger perspective.  So I've set my alarm for the wee small hours of tomorrow morning to hopefully catch a glimpse of the Perseid Meteor Shower... Coming our way for one or two nights only as the Earth turns into the path of the meteors.  

The Perseids are bits of debris cast off by a Comet called Swift Tuttle as it orbits around the sun. Who'd have thought bits of space rubble could be so glorious?  This gives me hope for the raw material of my life.  As this endlessly creative God sets my orbit around His glorious Son, Jesus Christ, perhaps in some small way I can refect the glory of my creator too.

Enjoy the light show.