Other than in a single designed area, there is no longer a requirement to wear face coverings when in the building.  Also, social distancing is not required, but will be at individual discretion.  In the area allocated for those wishing to wear face coverings all the time, there will be social distancing of one chair between households.  This provision will continue for the time being and will be reviewed on a monthly basis.  Doors at the front and rear of the building will continue to remain open during services to allow for good ventilation and we ask that anyone with a positive Covid test or Covid symptoms should not attend services.  

Our Sunday services are broadcast live on-line at 10.30am on our YouTube channel.  The video will be available here on our website soon afterwards.  

If you need to contact the church office during office hours, please ring 01609 775396 or 07502 670731.

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Discovery Steps

Discovery Steps is a vital part of our community outreach and is open to anyone who is available during the daytime. It is held at the church on Thursdays and Fridays every week between 12.00 and 2.30 pm and people from a wide range of backgrounds and with a variety of needs attend for friendship, fellowship and support. Principally for those who are exploring, or are new to Christianity we have a time of fellowship, starting with a meal at each session; followed by worship, Bible study, testimonies, discussion and prayer in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. 

God has been at work in the lives of many of those who attend, for which we give thanks! More have come to faith, some have been baptised and others have been added to our church fellowship. We are now in regular touch with over 40 individuals and new people are joining with us all the time. We have a great and expanding team that makes this happen week by week. We also take occasional trips out of town which is a great blessing!discovery trip


This ministry is an integral part of our mission to the local community - especially with individuals who have the greatest needs. Working in tandem with Soupa Trooper based in a local pub and our Jubilee Debt Advice Centre we are building an increasing presence in our town and reaching more people with the love of Christ. This is just the beginning of an exciting future for work in the community, as we see lives changed through faith in The Lord.

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We are now linked with North Yorkshire Horizons (Drug & Alcohol Counselling Service) who are meeting in the church twice a week and the Hambleton FoodShare which is based in Northallerton. This is now leading to greater partnerships and cooperation with local community agencies as we share the Gospel in this practical way.