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Prison Fellowship Ethiopia

Prison Fellowship Ethiopia

We are partnered with Pastor Daniel Salasse, who began Prison Fellowship Ethiopia to help men and women in prison, as he was himself put in prison for being a Christian.  Over the years the UK arm of the ministry has raised money and built new buildings for the prisoners; and has also begun Twinkle of Hope to help some children in the prisons.

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New Life has been involved for the last 7 years, during which time people have gone out to teach and encourage prison chaplains and church Pastors, begun a sponsorship programme for prisoners' children, food projects, chicken projects and education for the women and children.  We now have 55 families being supported and last year alone, prison chaplains led 13,500 people to Christ.  

The food projects are all working well, diets are vastly improving.  This year we were able to begin a brand new project of making articles with crochet in 3 prisons.  The prisoners offered to teach each other and they all have means to sell their goods outside the prison.  The Lord prompted us to take out pencils and exercise books to help women read and write, and now the long term prisoners have progressed into adult education and in one prison the French Embassy were so impressed that they are now going to put money into education and further training.  Laws have now been passed (the president came to faith, helped by Pastor Daniel) that every child can receive free education up to grade 4; and that free healthcare is provided at the point of need.  This will be very costly, but recently oil was discovered in Ethiopia.  

Exciting times!

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