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The Passion

The Passion 2018 image

March 24, 2018

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: 52-54 High Street, Northallerton, North Y DL7 8EG

Category: Special event

A moving and memorable musical theatre production of the Easter events. Tickets £6 from the church office or on the door

Who are LAMPS?
We are a collective of Christian artists who create, produce and perform theatre, music and comedy events and creative resources for the church.

What is The Passion?
Performed by a cast of three talented professional actors, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus are recreated in a moving, memorable and ultimately joyful retelling of the Easter events. Told from the perspectives of Peter, Mary Magdalene and a Roman centurion named Marcus, The Passion leads us up to, and through the events of Holy Week, the cross and beyond.

Who is it aimed at?
We think that this production is best suited to adult audiences and young people from around aged 9 upwards.

What is the running time?
The Passion is approximately 75 minutes.