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Stepping off the map

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October 17, 2018

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Category: Special event

In this time of housing crisis, new housing developments are springing up all over Britain. Whole new communities and even towns are emerging sometimes with little in the way of community facilities, often with little capacity to nurture friendships amongst the new residents, usually against a backdrop of local protest, and almost always without a church building

How do we as Christians work out our response to this changing landscape?

The New Housing Hub is committed to encouraging Christians to be a prophetic voice of welcome, amidst the sea of protest, and to work together to share God’s love with every new housing area.

What will happen at this meeting?

This evening we will explore some underlying principles for stepping off the map into the unknown, physically and spiritually, to welcome and bless new residents and create opportunities for the Christian faith to be explored and nurtured in ways that are appropriate to the new context.

Who is Rev Alison Boulton?

Rev Alison Boulton is a new housing pioneer and works as a regional Pioneer Mission Enabler. Along with Rev Penny Marsh she has founded the national New Housing Hub to encourage and equip Christians of all traditions to share God’s love in every new

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